Melt your mans heart

Melt your mans heart

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Rekindle the love. Does Love Die?

Does love die? From all the sad tales of broken hearts it’s hard not to think that love dies, pretty easily.
Sadly people seem to fall out of love, all the time…

SO “NOW” is the time to ReKindle your Love!

YAY it’s finally out!
Get your copy of Melt your mans heart.
It could TRANSFORM your relationship and put the love back in to your life.

It’s an eBOOK (a digital PDF file) so it’s delivered instantly (even if it’s 3am in the morning) and you can read it on your screen straight away.
There’s no waiting for the postman or anything.

And YES you can put it on your TABLET or Laptop and read it where ever you go.


  • 136 page eBook (digital file wit instant delivery you read on your screen)
  • Written by a counsellor with over 25 years of successful relationship skills


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