The Happiness Show – Episode 19 – Pleasure & Hope?

The Happiness Show – Episode 19 – Pleasure & Hope?

Pleasure & Hope? Why Happiness Matters & What to do about it

The Happiness Show day – Tonight at 9pm UK



Who knew?

Last nights Happiness Show was about Space. Not as in Mars. But as in what space you need to be happy. We started off with the physical aspects of space, but then we finally cracked the code.

The Secret to having space to be happy, surprised me as much as it did the audience. When I say we're breaking new ground, I think we are – "live".

Of all the Happiness Playbook "tools", I've got to say this is probably the "simplest" so far. But it's sheer simplicity is its true brilliance. I'm elated after this show! And I hope the audience get that out of this too, once it sinks in and they deploy it.

"In most ways, I think this was the most inspirational of Happiness Playbook tools. More than I dared to ever expect I'd unravel" Peter. Project SMILE.

Tonight we continue our mission. To unravel how "Pleasure & Hope" can help us in our quest for Happiness.

Tune in, Join in, Find out!


More about how to build our very own "Happiness Playbook"

The thing that has changed, that means you can change your happy quotient…


To discover how you can help make your world brighter, check out my WHY, on how I want to help 4 million people, like you, have a Brighter life.

It's not a short video, but one fan already said it was worthy of a TED Talk.
Whether being happy has concerned you or not, or you've worried about someone else, this video could make all the difference, to them and to you.

Why would we create our own world, to not be a happy one?

Peter Buick
[ Inventor of Bio encoded musical soundscapes & the Mood Toolkit & The Happiness PlayBook ]


"Together we can Brighten your world"

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